EV charging cost tracking without additional hardware 

EEVEE is on a mission to give EV drivers and companies more peace of mind by accelerating EV adoption through its ecosystem of digital products and services, designed to make EV adoption more transparent, more efficient and cheaper.

About EEVEE Mobility

EEVEE Mobility was developed by electric vehicle enthusiasts and early adopters frustrated by the lack of transparency in EV charging costs. They are constantly innovating to deliver the most intuitive and progressive mobility solution. EEVEE Mobility consists of the EEVEE Driver App and the EEVEE Business Solution.

About the EEVEE Driver app

  • EEVEE Mobility is a free mobile application for iOS and Android, which was launched in October 2020 and already has been providing an invaluable service to 10.000 EV drivers in 47 countries for two years. 
  • It's an indispensable tool for every EV owner who wants to know how much they’re really spending on charging, regardless of where and when you charge, EEVEE provides a holistic overview of your total charging costs all in one place. EEVEE Mobility uses Artificial Intelligence to accurately predict battery life & health, mileage and range.

  • It's the only service that connects directly with your car to unlock all relevant data and provides you with real-time information on consumption, cost and charging efficiency, all without any extra hardware.

  • The app is compatible with Tesla, BMW, Ford and Mini, with a rapid rollout of more compatible models from different brands underway.
  • Users retain full control over their data. EEVEE employs the most robust security mechanisms and is fully GDPR compliant.

  • EEVEE Mobility allows users to accurately claim back charging costs for business use and send charging information directly to company accounting systems, so it's like an electronic fuel card for company EV drivers. 

About EEVEE Business

  • EEVEE Business provides valuable insights into charging data for companies with electrified fleets and allows them to reimburse charging costs. It connects to and complements fleet management solutions to help electrified fleets operate more efficiently.
  • EEVEE Business enables companies to accurately predict costs and install charging infrastructure tailored to their exact requirements and gives companies the data they need to take advantage of the latest developments in EV technology, such as Vehicle to Grid charging.
  • Harnessing the power of the electric vehicle data hub, EEVEE Energy offers anonymised and aggregated data to help energy providers prepare for the transition to EVs by gaining vital insights into the charging behaviour of their customers.

About the creators

Steffen Brans / Founder / CEO Appwise
EV enthousiast in heart and soul, Steffen loves to come up with innovative and digital solutions for every day problems. As CEO of a well-oiled app factory he has tons of digital experience and expertise at his disposal.

Jeroen Vertongen / Founder / Automotive Entrepreneur

Geert Groosman / Founder / Automotive Entrepreneur

About the company

Appwise x Wisemen is a leading digital factory that operates from the heart of Belgium. 

  1. - Founded in February 2013
  2. - 90 employees as of 2022
  3. - HQ located in Diepenbeek
  4. - Core business of app and digital development
  5. - Foundation of sister company and digital agency Wisemen
  6. - Over 300 digital projects accomplished with partners all over the world
  7. - Recipient of multiple awards as one of the fastest growers in the business

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