December 22, 2020

App finally reveals cost of charging your car

Drivers of electric vehicles know how many kilometers they have left on their battery. But the costs of charging their car always remained a blind spot. Until now. A mobile application has been released that neatly maps all charging costs and data, providing useful insights in the charging behavior of its users. Another significant step towards carbon-neutral transportation.

Electric driving may be efficient and progressive, the charging information is anything but. Drivers get frustrated because they have no idea about the cost of their investment. A rough estimate based on their energy bill is about the only indication of consumption and costs involved. Moreover, they cannot declare charging costs as an expense - in contrast to those who drive gas fueled vehicles and can get a receipt at the pump. 

Clear and precise statistics

This app resolves these complications in one fell swoop. It is an innovative piece of software that accurately logs every kilowatt hour, kilometer and euro for drivers of an electric vehicle. Drivers get a clear overview of location, timing and transferred electricity for every charge. The app additionally shows the exact price of a charge or trip. All data is translated into transparent stats and accounting documents which can be generated automatically. 

Furthermore, no external hardware is required. A smartphone is all that is needed to ensure the ability for users to request their charging data anytime, anywhere. 

Lowering thresholds

The app is a convenient tool for employers with green ambitions. They can easily manage a fleet of electric vehicles, automatically receiving all charging costs and data in one single report. It therefore lowers the threshold for introducing electric vehicles to the workplace, thus contributing to a green future. More clean energy, less fuel costs - gains for both employers and employees.


Making electric driving as convenient and seamless as possible is integral to its success. Digital software plays a key role in that. Today, the EEVEE app is already used by thousands of electric vehicle owners all across Europe. It supports Tesla with many other partnerships in the pipeline.

About the developers

“We are early adopters and electric vehicle enthusiasts. We faced common blind spots and limitations in our electric driving experience. “How much does charging cost me? Where can I find my charging statistics? How can I declare my electric charging costs in my accounting?” We built a mobile app that could answer these questions wherever we would go. Today, the EEVEE app isn’t the end of the road. It’s the start of a journey to make electric cars more convenient and increase the adoption of electric driving across the globe.” - Steffen Brans, Appwise CEO

The free app is available today for Android and iOS:


EEVEE is a software product developed by Belgian app factory Appwise in cooperation with automotive-entrepreneurs Jeroen Vertongen and Geert Groosman. 

For more information on the EEVEE app please contact:
Appwise HQ +32 11 183 111 
Appwise CEO Steffen Brans +32 479 27 04 50